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PhysicsWallahForPC.in is a website which is created to provide general information about Physics Wallah App. In this website, We will get articles, news, tutorials and other information about Physics Wallah App.

Let us tell you that this website is not the official website of Physics Wallah (PW) app. This website has no relation with this app and its developer. We only publish here tutorials and content related to how to download and use it on PC. Apart from this, we also share the links which help you to download the app for reliable purpose. If you have any objection to the contents of this website, you may contact us. Click here to get in touch. We will reply you within 48 hours. thanks for your cooperation. We appreciate you.

You can know more about Physics Wallah below.

Physics Wallah or PW was started by Alakh Pandey Sir, who has made it his mission to provide the best quality education to every child in India. Today, the Alakh Pandey, PhysicsWallah YouTube family has more than 100 lakh students who shine with PW’s support in each and every exam!

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